Miadstone Campus Level 3 in Construction student Harry Rout applied for the highly sought after Level 6 Degree Construction Manager apprenticeship with BAM Construct.

Harry was interviewed about his education, hobbies, ambitions and goals for the future by the company. He also had to give a five minute presentation to a panel of BAM employees, and five other candidates in a Zoom call. The candidates then had an assessed group activity.

“I chose to study Construction because it’s an ever-growing industry with exciting roles and chances to travel the world. In the future I will be training as a civil engineer working with BAM.

It was a good experience and worked out very well for me in the end. Putting in the work pays off and showing you have an outgoing personality, good work ethic and willingness to learn further helps your chances.”

Of the 2500 people who applied for the position, Harry came second and was offered a Level 6 Degree apprenticeship in Civil Engineering with BAM Nuttall.

Construction tutor Charlotte said “Harry has developed his skills over the two years on the course to the stage where he can excel in these scenarios have confidence in his ability and confidence to present to any audience.

I am looking forward to watching Harry develop and have a successful career once he has left College.“

Good luck in your future career as a civil engineer!

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