It was a return to familiar territory for College Exec Director Chris during National Apprenticeship Week 2020. He found out more about what one of our Engineering apprentices has been up to...

Having started his own career as an engineering apprentice, Chris jumped at the chance to visit Engineering apprentice Calum at Ardo’s UK base near Ashford.

Calum is in the first year of his apprenticeship programme, and studies one day each week at our Medway Campus. For the rest of the week he’s a valued member of the Ardo team, contributing to the success of their highly-efficient manufacturing and packing operations. With the help of his tutors and training officer Roger, he’s enjoying his apprenticeship, balancing his work and study commitments well, and looking forward to a long and rewarding career at Ardo.

Chris said: “It’s been a real privilege to meet Calum today. He’s developing a solid set of analytical and problem-solving skills which will be of great use to him throughout his career. It’s clear that with his apprenticeship developing well, a supportive management team and a forward-thinking employer like Ardo, he has a bright future in industry. I wish him every success, and congratulate Ardo on the excellent systems and structures they’ve put in place to help their apprentices thrive.”

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