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Animal Management students' once in a lifetime opportunity

Animal Management students journeyed to the wilds of South Africa in a once an a lifetime opportunity. They experienced the country’s different habitats, conservation projects and aquarium, and got hands on with environmental and wildlife projects.

Students also completed some of their industry placements hours in South Africa by assisting with the removal of posts and fences from a jackal enclosure. A highlight for many was seeing a tower of giraffes, as well as viewing behind-the-scenes at an aquarium viewing the dangerous animals including crocodiles, spiders and scorpions!

The Animal Management students said “The trip increased our confidence and improved our communication skills. This is the last year of our programme, and we are all progressing to various things including university, the Royal Veterinary College and animal training.

It definitely increased our interest in sustainability, and some of us hope to return next year to the reserve as volunteers.

We’d definitely recommend this trip to future students, and it was good to experience a different culture too through volunteering in a local school.”

Their trip included seeing three of the “Big 5” in their natural habitat, as well as learning more about the animals through humane tracking and dropping analysis!

Eliz Thomas, Animal Management technician at our Medway Campus said: “Our visit to South Africa gave our students the amazing opportunity to develop their knowledge of conservation, sustainability and pressing environmental concerns. They also learnt more about wildlife rehabilitation, and the local community and culture of the South African people.

I hope this trip will strongly encourage their enthusiasm and passion for not only their future careers, but also their impact on the environment, and the changes required to preserve many of these species for future generations.”

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