Young Writers is an organisation which offers students an opportunity to explore and improve their means of expression in creative ways, and offers national competitions.

They have been running competitions for primary and secondary schools across the UK to promote poetry and creative writing since 1991, with the aim to ‘inspire kids everywhere to become confident and passionate writers!’ They produce an annual collection of anthologies featuring young writers from all around the UK. Their most recent challenge was to write a mini saga, a story told in just 100 words, inspired by the crime and mystery genre. Having received in excess of 6.500 entries nationwide, we are proud to say that 19 of our 20 submissions, with titles like: A Shadow at the Door, A Sneaky Slice, Bloody Night, Death Follows, People Think the Dead Can’t Talk and many more, have been selected for publication.

Packed full of tension and suspense (with a few surprise endings too!), this publication is called Unsolved - Criminal Minds and a copy of this publication will remain in the National Archives of the British Library forever! It is scheduled for publication on 14th May 2021.

This is the second time that GCSE English students from MidKent College have been successful in submitting work to be published published in the Young Writers’ anthologies.

Congratulations to our 19 soon-to-be-published authors. May this be the beginning of a long and successful creative writing career!