Stress can be overwhelming – and sometimes you can't think clearly or logically to see your way out. You can manage your stress by managing the external pressures or by improving your emotional "barrier" - so you cope with stress better. Sometimes in the future you'll look back on this period of stress and think it was nothing and now easily accomplishable!

We all experience stress in different situations, and have different signs when stressed. Check out the common indicators here. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone – there are people to help you.

How can you deal with this pressure?

  • Identify your triggers – what causes you to be stressed? If you can identify them you can anticipate them and look to solve them. Sometimes you can't avoid this, but preparation is key
  • Organise your time – identify the important things you need to do, and make a list! You can always ask your manager, friends or family to help you. Prioritise the important ones – they all won't need doing at once (it may just feel like it!) Take breaks and pace yourself – you don't want to have to repeat tasks if you've rushed and made mistakes!
  • Address the causes – sometimes things can't be changed, but you can focus your time and be productive to achieve your objective.

How can you be more emotionally resilient?

  • Use your support network (and the contacts below!) - sometimes sharing a problem is all you need. If not they may have experienced similar stresses, and can share problem-solving tips and ideas. Talking to them will also make them more aware as to what your stress triggers are – and they can provide more support where you need it most
  • Find some balance in life – practise being more confident and assertive for those tricky situations. Develop your interests – and think about taking up something like yoga or meditation! Just remember like isn't all about work or studying – make time for your friends and family too
  • Keep healthy and active – remember to get enough sleep, keep active and eat healthily (check out our tops tips for brain food!)
  • Chill out – don't feel guilty for taking some time out of your busy schedule – it'll help you focus when you have to tasks to do. Try and resolve those confrontations, emotional stress can be wearing.

Try and talk to your family, friends or manager. If you do need someone neutral or outside of your circle there are plenty of people to turn to. Please don't ever feel alone.

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