If you’re thinking of being an animator, but are not too sure where to start, we’re here to help! There’s lots of different pathways available to you in this creative and dynamic industry so it’s important to consider what suits you and your skills best. Find out more about this career pathway below...

Animation work experience

It is so, so important that you gain as much industry experience as possible. A lot of animation jobs will ask for a certain level of experience, so even if you’re still at College or university, ensure that you gain valid work experience with different companies. Balance your studies with working if you can, or use your holiday time productively – it’ll pay off! Look for internships too.

Get Qualified

Research the different study options available to you. Art A level may suit you, or why not consider a specialist art course at your local college? At MidKent College you can choose to study Art, Graphics or Games Design, and then specialise in a university animation course. Have a look for apprenticeships too in your local area.

Your skillset

Even the best animators will never stop learning. It’s so important that even if you do choose to study an Art, Design or Graphics course, that you experiment and develop lots of different techniques and skills. Core art skills are important to animators too.

Your portfolio

Your animation portfolio is there to represent you as a designer, your skill set and vision. Choose the best pieces, and those that show your range. Make sure you organise it in a clear, concise and labelled way – whether that’s printed or online.

Why not consider adding a personal project too to your portfolio?


Sometimes it’s the people you know who will recommend you for animation jobs, so it’s always worth asking for their business cards or creating your professional profile on LinkedIn (see here for our top tips) and connect with them there.

Ask for feedback

It’ll be beneficial to you to gain honest, constructive feedback on your pieces. Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to keep your artwork fresh and innovative!

If you’re interested in a career in animation, then talk to our course enquiries team on 01634 402020 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also book a careers appointment with our impartial careers advisers by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you’re looking to progress to university to study an animation course, check out our Level 3 in Art & Design here, or our Level 3 in Games Art, Animation and VFX Production here.