Are you wanting to volunteer some time but think it's all boring? Think again. There are loads of places to volunteer from local wildlife sanctuaries to schools, hospitals or community events such as Park Run! It's really important for your CV and local community too. We've included some ideas to get your started - and don't forget to let us know where you choose!

Sporting events

Could you see yourself working at Wembley? Or maybe manning the check in at the London Marathon? Big sport events like football matches always need volunteers to keep the events running smoothly (and it’s a chance to see the action first hand!). Kent Sport also has a range of opportunities for people to help them with coaching, classes and events so check them out.

Music festivals

Music festivals are often expensive and many of us know the feeling when you don’t manage to get your hands on tickets. Working at a music festival gives you free entry to see the music you love, as well as camping space – as long as they’re not on when your shifts are scheduled! Jobs range from car parking to bar staff and stewarding. You usually have to be over 18 to do these, but check out for some inspiration.

Summer camps

You most likely spend your summers doing a whole lot less than you usually do. If you’re planning on spending your money on a holiday why not put that money towards something like Camp America? You’ll be working with children, supporting them in activities, sports, and their time away from their homes, as well as travelling and getting to grips with another culture.

Animal shelters

Puppies, ponies, rabbits – regardless of how cute, they still need care. Offering to walk the dogs or help with cleaning for a couple of weeks is often well received at animal shelters so don’t be afraid to ask!

Volunteer your skills

Have a think about your skills and how you could use them for someone else’s benefit. Are you a photography student that could go and photograph a fun run? Or maybe you’re studying Carpentry and Joinery and know that the care home in your village needs help with a shed they’re building. There are lots of chances to be involved and people will most definitely appreciate your help.