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To compete or not to compete - Life skills

Entering competitions can be an interesting platform to demonstrate your talent and creative capabilities. They can also be an unconventional but effective way of securing internships, scholarships and even employment. Participation in competitions allows you to test your ideas in a risk-free environment and even if you don’t win, you will always benefit from the opportunity of challenging yourself.

The FE Week photography competition is back! Last year, MidKent College student Bailey McElligott won first place in the non-photography student category and we eagerly encourage MidKent College students to enter and see if we can replicate the success of last year.

It is important to recognise the benefits from participating in competitions such as these – even if you are not the lucky recipient of a Nikon D5500, you can boast of your involvement within your personal statement for a university application or even within the interests section of your CV. Entry into competitions such as these, can fuel your passion and interest in a subject and help you build an interesting and creatively varied resume.

For this year’s brief, students need to portray learning in the FE and skills sector through the eyes of students. Simply email your image with a short, no more than 100 words, description to Entries must arrive no later than January 6, 2017. Just go to to find out more.

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