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Thinking of learning a new skill? - Life skills

Learning a new skill doesn't just have to be limited to work. It could be anything from learning how to decorate a house, driving to baking a cake! Regardless of the situation you can break this down into some easy steps... 

Break the skill down. Break it down into small parts and identify the most important part(s) first.  

Learn from someone else. Never be afraid to ask questions from someone who has already done what you're learning. Just remember – no question is every a stupid question! 

Vary how you learn it. If you only choose to learn the skill in one way you'll either learn less, or slower, than if you vary how you absorb the information. Your brain takes in information in many different ways – so make sure you engage with all of these senses! This could involve podcasts, making notes, drawing images or taking quizzes. 

Commit time to practice. You'll never become a master of something without practicing, and learning from any mistakes. This could be learning to drive – don't get frustrated with yourself if you're not an F1 driver in a week! 

Set a deadline. This will encourage you to crack on and learn the skill, rather than push it to the back of your to do list. Sometimes this could be time or money dependent. 

Stay on-task. Dedicate some time aside and really dedicate that time. Don't just have the book or document open and then stare out the window – that doesn't count! 

Sleep is your friend. Your brain processes everything you've learnt during the day when you're asleep. Everyone needs a different amount of rest time, so make sure you have enough to keep on the ball 

Motivation. Keep yourself motivated, but also ask your friends, family and work colleagues to keep you on-track too. We all have our down periods, and sometimes a pep talk from a nearest and dearest could be just what you need. 

Celebration and reward. Make sure you feel proud of yourself for any accomplishment – no matter how small – even if it's just being able to run a little further than you previously thought you could do!  

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