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Thinking of becoming a make-up artist? - Careers

We caught up with former student Kayleigh about her career progression since completing her course...

I studied for two years at MidKent College from 2015, completing Level 2 and 3 Theatrical Hair and Media Make-Up for TV and Film.

University wasn't for me so going to MidKent College was 100% the right choice for me. I really enjoyed my time at College. I made some really good friends too. All of my tutors were very friendly and there if you needed anything.

I am currently a freelance theatrical make-up artist. I went freelance earlier this year after working in an office for a year and a half and filling my weekends with photoshoots. I took a leap and made it a full-time position. This year alone I have worked on two indie feature films and a short film. For my first film I was assistant make-up artist working alongside a special effects make-up artist as it was a horror film. For another horror feature I was head of the make-up department.

I absolutely love my job - I meet so many different people and get to create such amazing pieces. I have now started to plan my own shoots involving dress designers, hairstylist, venues and other suppliers etc. I have also been published in Vanity Fair twice and this month been published in Vogue.

MidKent College really gave me a good starting point with my career. I learnt the basics of make-up coverage and hair tips that I use daily. It not only taught me skills with my make-up but it gave me an independence. It wasn't school anymore and it was a fabulous transition, exactly what I needed at the time.

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