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The night before the big day.....

Great! You’ve been offered a job, and are having some last minute nerves about starting. But don’t panic, there’s some things you can do to make your first day go more swimmingly…(and it’s completely normal to be worried!)

Get your outfit sorted

This may sound daft, but you don’t want to be rummaging around on your first morning trying to find a clean shirt or a tie that has migrated behind the sofa. Find something appropriate to your workplace (whether that’s a shirt and tie, or jeans and a t-shirt), rather than buy a brand-new pair of uncomfortable shoes…

Pack your bag

Similar to getting your outfit sorted – 7.30am before you need to leave will be the time you can’t find your keys…

Plan your journey

And then add some extra time to it. Never underestimate traffic, train delays or the bus sweeping past you. You don’t want to be the one running down the road, and arrive on your first day catapulting into the office flustered and red! Check out the parking (whether by contacting the new HR department or your manager) in advance, and you’ll be on track to set a good first impression.

Get some sleep

This may sound obvious but the minute you climb into bed is when all of the worries could start! Make sure you’ve had some time out in the evening, and are prepped for the morning. After all there’s nothing you can do right then at 1.30am before your first day.

Pack your lunch/snacks/biscuits

Unless you’re sure about the canteen facilities at your new workplace, you don’t want to be caught out! It’s a perfectly normal question to ask when you start, and see if you can join in with any of your new team members. They’ll want to make you feel welcome, so don’t worry about asking! And besides, bringing biscuits is a brilliant way to break the ice…!

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