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The Indecisive Mind - Life skills

Seven years ago I was 18 with a one year old little boy, about to take my driving test and start my new adventure right here at MidKent College studying Media TV & Film - eeeek.

At this point I knew I wanted an education and I knew that I wanted a degree. So studying at university, of course, would be the next chapter after College. However this was about the only thing I did in fact, know. I didn’t know what course I wanted to study at university or what career I wanted to peruse.

At the time I felt I was surrounded by people who just knew what they wanted and I craved to have the same gut feeling of my future path. But did it come? No.

The course itself delved into different pockets of the media industry and it really helped me to discover what I really liked and what I didn’t. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of the modules. However, you would think at this point that overwhelming emotion of “the career I am destined to do” would hit me - but I was still clueless.

Although the course gave me so much in terms of practical skills, it was the relationships that you build with your class that was also an important aspect of my College life.

Eventually it came the time to pick the course for university and apply. Being a mum my options were extremely limited to the point where I really had one local option in terms of where I would study my degree. Therefore for someone who was extremely indecisive I pictured myself in pretty much every subject the university offered – of course within reason I had no desire to study pharmacy – finally something I knew! 

However, I did stumble across the course called Event and Experience Design which seemed exciting and ticked most of the attributes that I consider myself to have. So you would think that I had finally found where I was meant to be – wrong. If it was only that simple.

University was very different to say the least and knowing other people who went to study a different course and hearing their experience, threw me off. It made me doubt the decision I had made and made me think that perhaps I needed to re-think the subject I had chosen.

I was overthinking, panicking, and felt like I had made the wrong decision and was trying to change the course to a different subject.

Now at this point you probably have a list of potential subjects that I could be wanting to change to, considering what I had previously studied at College. However I bet that in that list you would never have thought of Sports Therapy – well that was the course I desperately tried to get into?! Due to working so hard at College, my grades allowed me to get in with no science background.

Ok, so you would now think I was happy, finally at university and studying a course I had tried so hard to get on. To be honest I felt happy and really worked hard at the course, so much so I got a 1st in the initial year. But that gut wrenching feeling of doing the wrong thing crept up. I think it was also mixed with embarrassment that I have once again changed my mind!

I knew that Event and Experience Design was really the course I needed to investigate.

With shame, I managed to get an interview to start on Event and Experience Design and again due to working hard at Sports Therapy and getting a 1st I was able to join the course - but understandably had to start as a first year student all over again.

The moment I knew I was in – I felt a huge relief. From the moment I started the course to the moment I finished three years later I never doubted my decision and absolutely loved it. What I had learnt at College really did help me transfer those skills into my university, like editing videos.

I never knew what I wanted to do and now I realise that this is OK. Sometimes your career takes time to find you. You may think that studying a course for a year that I had no intention of pursuing would be a massive regret of mine. Conversely picking the wrong course was the best thing I done. I realised how badly I wanted to do Event and Experience Design and whist studying I knew this felt right. I am now the Events and Promotions Officer here at MidKent College – ready to start my career in events.

Trying as many opportunities as possible is a great start. However working hard will always help you out! Don’t dwell on fact that you don’t know your “final” career as I am sure one day - you will …!

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