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The Best Apprenticeships for Career Progression - Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly prevalent and important to the landscape of the modern working world, with hundreds of thousands of young people joining up to schemes every year. 

But with so much variety out there, it’s hard to know which apprenticeships in particular will stand you in the right stead for future career progression. 

While we won’t be covering every possible industry for a placement on this list, here are some of the best apprenticeships for career progression currently available. 

 1. BAE Systems Apprenticeship 

BAE Systems is a multinational defence, security and aerospace company, which offers a staggeringly high number of apprenticeship schemes to young people every year. 

BAE offer 400 places every 12 months, with their aim to channel individuals down specific paths across their versatile range of expertise. 

That very versatility makes BAE one of the most desirable places to receive an apprenticeship, and with the company situated in 13 separate locations across the UK, it means wherever you’re from there’s a feasible chance you could be handed one (assuming you meet their criteria).

The knowledge gained while working for BAE not only helps in regards to progression through to the company itself, but also leads to careers in other businesses in the industry (including the ministry of defence).


2.    Construction Apprenticeship 

Construction is an industry experiencing a massive boost, after being hit harder than most sectors during the recession in 2008. 

This recent boom has been both good and bad however, with a serious lack of skilled workers resulting in a significant gulf between supply and demand right now. 

Apprenticeship numbers in this industry are currently down by a whopping 25% from the dip in 2008, meaning anyone getting into the business nowadays will receive an instant advantage and fast-track up the ranks. 

All the skills needed to thrive in the construction industry will be taught during this emersion period, meaning by the end of the course there’s a very strong likelihood someone will progress straight into the business. 

View details of our construction apprenticehips here. We also offer construction courses

3.    Human Resource Management Apprenticeship 

Human resource managers deal primarily with legal issues in the workplace, encourage colleagues to remain productive and just generally help to keep an office focused and on task. 

The skills gained during this placement are invaluable for any office, with the beauty of human resource management being that it’s a field not restricting to one industry or sector. 

A HR placement would focus primarily on teaching someone how to effectively manage an office, with skills like employee engagement, organisational development, talent development, talent planning and recruit and resourcing all a staple of your learning. 

Most importantly of all, after completing a placement you will instantly become an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

By linking up with the CIPD you’ve set yourself up for a fast-track route into HR management in any business in the future. The relative flexibility of this one makes it a top choice for anyone looking to plan their future. 


4.    Engineering Apprenticeship 

Engineering is an industry which keeps the economy thriving and puts a lot of people in employment every year. As well as this, their apprenticeship scope is widely considered as one of the best in the business. 

The specific skills taught across a wide range of engineering industries help lead young workers along very precise career paths.

Whether it be in the production of nuclear weapons or simply the motor industry, the opportunities are there for apprenticeships driving people towards an ultimate career in their chosen discipline. 

The motor industry in particular has seen something of a boom in that regard, with Rolls Royce alone offering as many as 300 apprenticeships to people just last year alone. 

Interestingly, and perhaps even more enticingly for anyone who’s interested, the engineering sector on average offers the second highest wage to apprenticeships per hour – at £7.03 on average. 

View details of our engineering apprenticeships here. We also offer engineering courses

5.    Banking Apprenticeship 

A banking apprenticeship, with any leading firm, sets you up perfectly for a future in the industry as a whole – which could prove to be incredibly lucrative in the long-term. 

These schemes often see someone linking up with a bank for a year, as they slowly learn exactly how to operate accounts and fulfil routine tasks that need to be carried out on a daily basis. 

More often than not these schemes will lead directly into a full-term placement at the end of the apprenticeship itself – but will regardless see you standing in good stead for any future jobs you’re applying for. 

It is also relevant to note a higher apprenticeship in banking will see you qualify to become a member of either the IFS School of Finance or the Chartered Banker Institute. 

In a higher apprenticeship the most common paths of training would be to become either a branch manager or business/commercial relationship manager. 

These are just five apprenticeship schemes helping to build your future career progression, but there are hundreds out there to stand you in good stead for moving up in whatever career you want to pursue. 

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