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Starting college in September? Don't be nervous. - Starting College

Starting somewhere new, whether it is a school, College or new job can be nerve-wracking – and the same goes for pretty much everyone! Even if others look cool, calm and collected, they are unlikely to know any more than you when it comes to knowing where your classes are, how you go about getting an ID badge or even knowing where the cafeteria is.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You won’t be the only one who doesn’t know everything and the staff will always be ready to help – after all, remember, they do this every year!

The College environment can feel significantly different from school or even 6th form – it is more likely to resemble a small university. You will have at least one tutor for your subject and a personal tutor to help you with personal, pastoral and career related matters. You will also have time with English and maths department staff, either to improve your GCSE grades or for ‘Stretch & Challenge’ sessions to keep your successfully acquired skills in tip-top condition.

Make a good impression with your tutors. They are there to help and guide you and will always make themselves available to answer your questions and queries. It is a very good idea to make a significant attempt at getting to know your tutors – effort that you make at the beginning will make speaking to them far easier when you really do need their help.

After generally finishing a summer of intense exams, new College students look forward to being part of a more relaxed institution. Whilst the levels of freedom are higher than school, so are the levels of responsibility – in principle you are ‘in charge’ of what you achieve.

Just remember, the workload at College can be a lot more intense, so make sure you put in a little extra time and effort. College life can be great fun and the more you put in, the more you will get out of the experience.

Still unsure? We offer more tips on how to keep it cool in welcome week.

If you're a MidKent Student starting fresh, contact our student support centre to speak to one of our advisors to see how we can help.

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