Sometimes you can feel like everyone around you knows exactly what they are doing with their life, and how they're getting there, but the truth is so many of us don’t know and are still finding out. Take a breath, and find out more below.

If you are pondering on your next step, then perhaps these ideas might help. 

Get talking 

Talk to the people around you about their jobs, what does their week look like? Ring companies and ask them to tell you what they get up to. Go into it wanting to learn - not to gain a job. Sometimes you might not learn anything at all, but sometimes you might hear something that helps navigate what feels right for you. 

Do something 

We can endlessly Google to determine what we are meant to do in life and these tools can help narrow down an industry or introduce you to roles you have never heard of. However, there are only so many times you can search the web; there comes a time when action needs to happen. 

Update your CV, volunteer, or apply for that job! Just by ‘doing’ you will be able to rule out pathways. 


There are also many ways to hear about people’s career journeys from books to online – read, watch, and listen! More importantly, remember that the people probably had no idea either of where they wanted to be, but it’s always helpful to see how people got there. 


The keyword here is ‘journey’; your career will not happen overnight. Your path will be made up of small steps that will lead you closer to where you want to be – even if you don’t know what that looks like. 

Say goodbye to your comfort zone 

We have all heard the expression ‘you don’t know until you try' – and you don’t. Whether you are right at the beginning or already in your career, trying something completely new can make you realise where you want to be. 


Yes, don’t be afraid to fail. We are all humans who don’t get everything right. Failure can open doors and teach us lessons. We aren’t going to be great at everything, it takes hard work. You will always grow through failure. 

Enjoy the unknown 

It just isn’t going to come to you straight away. Focus on the small things you can do to test and investigate. 

So don't overthink your life and where you should be. Keep pushing forward to learn the pathways you don't like and then you will end up where you are meant to be. 

If you do want to talk about your next steps, we have a great team of impartial Careers Advisors happy to help and support you further.