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Secrets of confidence - Life skills

Are you a confident person? (See I bet you just “umm’d” there!) Sometimes it’s an experience or self-assurance thing, but there are a few simple ways to improve your confidence.

Confident people do feel fear – they just don’t allow it to impact on their actions. Sometimes they acknowledge it, and use it as motivation.

Do not be afraid of failure – you’ll never get, or be able to do, absolutely everything 100% all the time, every time. No one can. Acknowledge it didn’t work, move on and later on you’ll wonder why you worried so much.

Focus on the bigger picture, not the teeny tiny details. Be confident in yourself that you can achieve it, keep sight of the end goal and don’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty details.

Always, always prepare! You’ll be structured, aware of time and clear of the direction you need to go in. The more you experience and practice, the greater your confidence will be.

Where does confidence come from? Yes, compliments from others buoys you up, whether it’s a cracking presentation you did, outstanding dress sense that day or the project you’ve just completed. Assess your own performance, and grow in confidence in your abilities.

Be around others who are proactive, positive and confident. Confidence will then spread between the group, creating a positive outcome for all involved.

Sometimes it just comes down to choice. You have to make that definitive “yes, I can do this” thought and lead on from there. Panic, fear and worry will only manifest, and hinder your development.

Even if you are a confident person, assess your own weaknesses and build on them. The more you experience life, the more confident you will be.


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