New Year’s resolutions take attention, time and effort. A resolution is an intention to yourself to improve, enhance or change a part of your life, routine or habits for the better. For your resolution to work, you need to have commitment and a clear vision of the desired outcome of what you hope to achieve. 

If you are unsure if you can commit enough time and attention, you may just need to check whether your aim is achievable within the time frame you’ve set.

A clear outcome of what you want is a good start. You must then work on visualising how things will look if your resolution is successful. This will help to programme your subconscious to help you achieve your goal – a bit like programming a personal resolution satnav!

Trying to imagine what a successful resolution would feel like can be very difficult – you need to practice the ‘what if’ technique. This involves frequently imagining how good it would feel to achieve what you want that you begin to believe it – but you really must believe that change is possible. Plan milestones and reminders into your phone calendar or diary – or even on your door or fridge! - so your resolution becomes a beneficial habit. It normally takes us about three weeks for a new change to become part of a routine.

However, it is very common for most of us to have two voices in our heads. One suggesting change and risk and the other telling us nothing needs to change. The latter is the one which wants to keep us in our comfort zone, and to not try anything new.

Trying for a goal or outcome can seem really daunting. Plan how to achieve your aim in small stages and set small rewards for each step of your journey. This will motivate you and break down what could be a daunting challenge whether it’s improving your fitness, learning to drive or tackling scuba diving.

Afterwards, you’ll be proud that you’ve stuck to your resolution and achieved what you set out to do!

Good luck!

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