Thinking about working in a salon and studying Beauty Therapy at College? Find out more about Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing curriculum manager Rebecca's career as a salon manager, and what inspired her to teach at MidKent College...

Please can you share a little about your career in Beauty Therapy before you became a tutor?

I left school at 16 and went to college to study Beauty Therapy level 2 and 3. Once college was over, I worked in salons and spas working my way from therapist to senior therapist to salon manager. At 24 I became a manager of a salon in Canary Wharf, then got in to teaching at age 27 after a call from the London College of Beauty Therapy. They were looking for therapists to train as lecturers. This is where I started and gained my teaching degree and assessor qualifications.

What inspired you to teach?

I had and still have a passion for the industry and wanted to pass this on to the new generation of therapist. When I was working in salons I really enjoyed supporting therapists with training. I knew that teaching was going to be the next step in my career.

How do you keep up to date with the latest techniques and ideas in hair/beauty?

The industry is always changing so I keep up to date with this by doing new courses and attending trade shows.

How does your professional experience in the subject area impact your teaching?

I’m still in the industry so I understand what is required and the standard our students need to be at. With my varied background in beauty therapy, I have lots of knowledge and skills to pass on. I’m excited about the industry and I hope this passes on to my students.

What do you love about teaching?

I love seeing that light-bulb moment where a student doesn’t always get something or is struggling and then it just clicks! I enjoy seeing them not only building the industry skill they need, but also increasing their self-esteem and confidence. One particular student I have taught stands out to me - I had a level 1 student who progressed right up to level 4 and, during the graduation that I put on for the level 3 group, she told me that her school had said she'd never achieve anything and that it was the support from the College that had allowed her to progress and get where she is today. This is why I teach!

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