Your studies can often seem like a long process where one hour feels like a whole day - so here are a few tips to manage your time. Let us know if any work for you by tagging us on your social media! Don't forget your tutors are here to help you too.

  • Lock up your phones. Snapchatting each other that you’re revising or posting pictures of your laptop on Instagram won’t actually help you learn anything.
  • Don’t get too carried away with colouring - we all need organised notes and a little bit of colour can help, but avoid the temptation to turn your coloured title into a full-blown Picasso.
  • Avoid the moaners - exams are tough on everyone, but can be the most stressful things to ever happen to some people. Don't get drawn into negativity, and make an effort to be positive with your coursemates.
  • Speak to your tutors and teachers - regardless of what you're studying and where, your teachers and lecturers are there to help you.
  • Keep the breaks short - take a tea break, not a ‘watch a series on Netflix and get a takeaway’ break.
  • Watch videos - if there is a theory or process you can't grasp through reading, search on YouTube to see if there is anyone explaining it visually. This way you can pause their speech, make diagrams or go over it as much as you want.
  • Set goals - each day set out what you’d like to cover and write it down.

Let us know if you've got any tips you'd add to this list!