No matter how much time left before your exams, there's still time to pick up some gems. There are so many great websites and YouTube channels to help you revise for your GCSEs and A Levels. Here we pick our favourites to help you focus in on the best. Good luck in your exams!


BBC Bitesize - The essential revision website. It covers all GCSE subjects, even the more obscure ones and lists every awarding body so that you can find revision info on the specification you are following at school or college. There are some brilliant short videos, online quizzes, tests and podcasts and each section comes with a glossary, so if there is a word or term you don’t understand it is there for you to check. – This really useful website has a section for each subject area at GCSE and A Level and includes links for each one to more specific sites focusing on revision notes, quizzes, forums, revision books/guides and importantly, specimen and past papers from each awarding body. There is also a “study shop” where you can buy revision essentials such as flash cards and view recommended Amazon products. – This website contains huge amounts of resources including diagrams and quizzes and allows you to create your own content to share with others. It aims to make learning fun by using games and interactive features to engage learners. You can also download an app for learning on the go.

Get Revising – A brilliant online tool for creating your own personal revision timetable. You can even add reminders and it is very easy to update to fit in with any changes you need to make.


Mr Bruff – As an English teacher who knows the curriculum inside out, you can count on Mr Bruff to provide up-to-date and relevant information on both GCSE and A Level English Language & Literature. Video tutorials include those covering specific topics and exams questions, character analyses, exam tips, examples of student work, question and answer videos and even revision songs and raps. He also covers complete exam papers.

Hegarty Maths – Huge amount of brilliant video tutorials covering specific topics and exam questions for both A Level and GCSE Maths (Foundation & Higher Tier). Add in videos on practice papers, top tips and playlists and you have the best maths revision channel available.

Free Science Lessons – Covers all three sciences for GCSE and A Level. Includes practice papers, topic specific tutorials and exam tips. Their core belief is that outstanding education should be available for all.

Unjaded Jade – A “study Tuber” who aims to help inspire and motivate you to do your best in exams. As well as providing tips on exam and revision techniques, tutorials on past papers and mark schemes, Jade offers very honest videos tackling issues such as exam stress, perfectionism and academic pressure. She also takes you along on her travels during her gap year and her tribulations with her unruly hair.

Don’t forget to check if your school or training provider has subscriptions to revision websites or channels as logging in will unlock even more content!