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Our Pick: 'OPEN' Book Review - Business

Perhaps this could be the page turner you have been looking for? 

Working in Education Technology and Innovation it looked like the perfect read.

The Audible version of the book is 8 1/2 hours long, so something I could listen to in roughly a week on my drive to and from work. The print book is 233 pages long. 

Published in November 2013, OPEN offers insight and suggestions on how we will "Work, Live and Learn" in the future, using education, industry and personal learning as examples. OPEN offers inspiration and call to order that we should be sharing our ideas and work for the good of one another and our businesses. Referencing the acronym S.O.F.T, the model hopes for Sharing, Openness, Free and Trusting environments that we live and learn in.

It references useful case studies in a multitude of environments that emphasise the benefits of working collaboratively in a fast-paced world. I took particular interest in the work of High Tech High, which has seemingly ripped up the rulebook for the way a school/classroom is laid out in favour of collaborative and open space learning. 

The book is a must-read for any organisation leader to support the building of a collaborative and innovative culture.


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