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Keep your mind sharp over Christmas - Life skills

We're all for encouraging you to relax over Christmas after a busy term but if you've been set some work to do over the break, or just want something to keep your head ticking – keep reading! 

Organise your notes. Clear out any pointless scribbles or post-its so you are all set for January. This will make them easier to get back to after Christmas, particularly if you're going to need them for revision notes. 

Do some reading. Whether it's to do with your course, area of interest or even blogs, it all counts. You never know what you'll absorb – or how it could fit into your studies. 

Plan your next step. Have a think about what you want to do next, whether a higher education course at the College, an apprenticeship or a university course will get you to where you want to be. Do your research so you feel comfortable 

Take a day trip. It doesn't have to be an expensive day out, get out and make some new memories so when someone asks "So what did you do in your holidays?" The answer won't be back-to-back Xbox. 

Get some work or volunteering experience. Transferable work skills and industry experience will definitely give you the leg up when you go for job interviews.  

Get some exercise. It's definitely important to keep your mind active, but don't neglect your body too! Go for a walk, play a sport or meet up with friends for a bike ride. This also has a positive effect on your concentration levels to study. 

Try something new. Bake a lemon drizzle cake, start a blog or try out juggling. You never know you may discover a skill you never knew you had! 

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