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Just received your results? - Starting College

Will I be offered a place on anything else if I’ve received better/lower grades than I expected?

If we have the availability, and the programme fits with your long term career aim, then we’ll do our best to ensure you have a place on a programme. If you’ve already applied, please still complete the online enrolment process through the link in the email we've sent you. Talk to the tutors to ensure that you're on the right level for you.

Can I still apply for a programme at College?

Please search and apply for a programme online. We do have places available on some programmes. If a programme is full you'll then be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a place becomes available.

I don’t want to do the programme I’ve applied for anymore, can I swap to something else?

If we have places available on the programme you’re interested in, and it’s suitable for you, then we will look to offer you a place on a different programme. Please select this option through the enrolment link we've emailed to you.

I don’t want to attend the campus I’ve applied for anymore, can I swap to the other campus?

If we offer the programme at the other campus, and there are places available, then we will be able to swap you to the other campus. We’ll do our best to ensure that you’re on the best programme for you. Please let us know as part of the enrolment process through the link we've emailed to you.

I no longer want my place at College, what do I need to do?

Please select this option on the online enrolment process through the link we've emailed to you.

Where do I get my uniform from?

The department will share information about the supplier and what you need to do as part of the online enrolment process.

Will I get any help with fees/travel/childcare?

Check out this part of our website to see if you are entitled to any financial support

I need to talk to someone about my options – who should I contact?

Please contact our course enquiries team on 01634 402020, or via email. Alternatively, please talk to us via Live Chat on our website. Please be aware that it’s a very busy time for us, but we will be in touch with you as soon as possible about your query!

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