LinkedIn is becoming increasingly more popular - and with over 690 million members, we should probably give our profiles a little TLC.  Other than the amount of eyes that could view your profile, here are some reasons why keeping your profile up-to-date is never a bad idea. 

• It's the new way of staying connected - say no more to trailing through old address books or emails to manage connections. You can create your network all in one place! 
• If you follow the right people your news feed will be filled with content that interests and helps you grow in your professional field 
• If you are looking for jobs, most companies have their own page and so it's a great way for you to check-out the company’s culture  
• If Googled, your LinkedIn profile will be ranked at the top of the page - so this is another opportunity to show people how great you really are. So if you haven't got one or it's out of date, then it's a great idea to get building a fantastic profile 
• It creates a platform to keep you engaged with the current industry news.  

You can create a professional reputation, stay connected, and find career opportunities - all for free!  

So what are you waiting for, go and perfect your profile!