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Healthy eating for exam success - Exams

Boost your concentration by improving your diet

There's so many factors that can help you to ace those all-important exams - including your diet! Here's our top tips to help you during your revision and before the exam itself:

Eat plenty of wholegrains

What do they do?

Wholegrains can help to improve your focus and concentration. Eat a good bowl of wholegrain cereal or porridge before your exam.

What foods are included?

Keep your sugar levels steady with brown bread, porridge, brown pasta, brown rice and wholegrain cereals.

Try some oily fish

What do they do?

They're high in omega-3 fatty acids which help to boost your brain power. They're also high is other minerals and vitamins such as B12 which are essential for brain function.

What foods are included?

Mackerel, salmon, trout, sardines and tuna.

Keep hydrated

What does water do?

Drinking plenty of water helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, and improves your focus. You don't want a dehydration headache during your exam! 

Eating blueberries

Blueberries contain powerful antioxidants which improve brain function and boost your memory.

Keep a healthy balance

It's so important that you don't skip meals - especially breakfast! Try to get a balance of food groups, and treat yourself after your exam!


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