Volunteering can prove to be a big hit with employers when it comes to shortlisting candidates for jobs. It also gives you a chance to give back whilst growing your employability skills for your CV – a perfect pairing! It can also help you to decide on your career choices.

Your personality

Just the fact you volunteer can indicate parts of your personality, such as:

  • being committed
  • being ethical
  • interested in people
  • caring towards others
  • generous with your time
  • being focused on bettering and progressing yourself and your skills.

Your work ethic

Often people who volunteer give up their free time to do so, which shows they’re happy to work for something they feel strongly about.

Your CV

The skills you can pick up from volunteering are transferable – whether it be time-keeping, organisation or working as part of a team.

It can help you decide what you like

Volunteering is a great way to unpick the things you enjoy and don’t enjoy. It might even spark an interest in something you didn’t know you liked!

Grow your networks

Whilst out volunteering you will most likely meet loads of other people who volunteer alongside their regular jobs. These are great people to connect with, as you never know, their regular job could be your dream job!

Kick off your work experience journey

Sometimes it can feel like everyone is pushing you to get work experience, but you may not know where to start, or be struggling to get a placement somewhere. Volunteering counts as work experience! You’ll pick up transferable skills that you can take with you wherever you go next.

Boost your confidence

Most importantly, volunteering can boost your confidence. Those who you volunteer with need your help, instantly making you a valued member of the team. From here you can impress with your hard work and soon realize the difference you’re capable of making.

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