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GCSE results day FAQs - Exams

We asked Principal Simon Cook some of the common questions and worries we get asked around results days... 

What would be your advice to students who may not have performed as well as they’d hoped?

Don’t panic, and don’t give up. The results you receive now don’t define your future. Hold on to the aspirations you have for the future. I see many young people believe that there are no good quality options available now. Colleges will enrol students throughout September and beyond in many cases on all types of programmes so there is definitely no need to panic. There are options available locally for you to keep studying subjects that you enjoy, find interesting, and will open up career opportunities.

Some may think they have to go down the academic route and forget about an apprenticeship or a practical course? What would be your advice/what are your thoughts?

An academic route doesn’t suit everyone, and every year we see young people absolutely flourish in an environment where they focus on technical and professional skills or study alongside work. Our economy needs skilled employees and an academic route does not always prepare young people for the world of work as well as technical programmes can. I’m a case in point. I left school and went to college, which lead me into a career that I love and that took me around the world. Now I’m passionate about providing those opportunities to others, which is why I’m so proud to lead MidKent College.

What can MidKent College offer students that other colleges can’t?

We’re fully invested in our communities and are the local College for Maidstone and Medway. We start working with our students long before they turn 16, and in some cases we’ve been a part of their lives and involved in their education since primary school. We’ve got great relationships with schools, and with local employers. That’s vital because we want to help our students transfer from school to college, and from college to work or university, as smoothly as possible. 

Who should teenagers chat to if they need to get in touch with the College before/following their GCSE results?

We have a course enquiries team who can help explain how individual programmes work, and what students can expect to study. For those who are unsure of their future prospects, our careers team offers independent advice and guidance to help map out a way forward. We’ve also got a great Career Coach tool on our website where young people can explore their options, find out how much they can expect to earn in a particular career and understand what qualifications will help them to succeed in that career.

Contact us today if you think we can help.

Is it too late for students to change plans for September?

Not at all. We start enrolling students from results day onwards and will keep enrolling through September. The best thing to do is speak to us, or complete an application form through the website, and we’ll advise you when to come in and enrol. It’s also possible to transfer, so if you start a course somewhere else in September and decide you want to come to College, just get in touch and we’ll help you swap.

We have a range of courses available to choose from, so if you'd like to swap, contact a member of our team.

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