We caught up with a former Public Service student who has now secured a job in the industry she studied in. She shared more about her favourite units at College, and what her long term ambitions are...

What were your favourite units from Public Services?

I found Police Powers very interesting, learning the different arrests, laws and about stop and search. I really enjoyed parading, especially for Remembrance Day as I wore my great-great-granddads medals which was really special to me.

I also enjoyed learning about history and World War 2. 

What are you doing now you’ve left College?

I work for victim support and soon I will be doing domestic violence training such as taking calls and helping victims recover from the aftermath.

I really like my job and I want to make sure my clients are comfortable and that I have asked everything I need to so nothing is left unanswered. I always make sure they are well informed and get the answers they need.

How did your tutors help your studies?

MidKent College gave me the opportunity to complete my programme whilst I was pregnant, and my tutors supported me so much. I was 22 when I came back to study my level 3 and I had to balance home life and studying so this meant making sure my son would get to nursery and then traveling to College but the tutors were so understanding and helped me through my studies.

What are your long-term ambitions?

Long-term I would like to be a call handler for 999 or 111 as I can work under pressure and want to help and support others.

I also want to learn more about mental health and how domestic abuse affects this. I have overcome trauma in my life, and I want to help and inspire others to do the same.