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Feeling Anxious? - Life skills

Are you starting to feel anxious or feel your anxiety has increased recently?

Firstly, don’t hide away from it – it’s ok to feel that way. We are currently living in unknown territory and all of us are coping very differently. 

So, if you are feeling anxious here are a few things that might make you feel a little lighter. 

Deep Breathing.  

It’s said that deep breathing is a helpful tool to relieve some of the tension that has built up. When we get anxious our heart rate increases, so deep breathing will aid in slowing your heart rate down, therefore reducing the amount of stress you are feeling. 

Breathe in deeply for four seconds and then out for four seconds. Repeat this process for five minutes. 

Write it. 

We can have all these feelings and thoughts building up inside. Sometimes just writing it down can make everything feel less overwhelming. It can also rationalise the thoughts you may be having. Perhaps the pen and paper is a little tool that will help when you are feeling anxious. 

Essential Oils. 

Plant-based oils are said to calm the mind and body. Sandalwood, camomile, and lavender are the soothing scents which you can buy in candle form, oils, or incense. Why not create a calming environment and see if these scents help? 

Your Health. 

Exercise and a good diet are always going to be recommended for us. However, it could just be smaller changes to start. If you have two sugars in your tea – why not try one? – Little steps. Also like you would at work, break away and try and move in some way every hour. That could just be going into the kitchen, going up the stairs, or walking around the garden. 

Lastly, always pick something that you are grateful for – however big or small to just put a smile on your face. 

If you are struggling with everything at the moment, you aren’t alone! Please have a look at the links below if you feel you need further assistance:



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