Have no fear. Each job ad is different and relates to a particular job. There are some points that you can use to make your application stand out even more to an interviewer. Find out more below - and good luck!


Consider what skills and experience you already have, or are likely to gain through on-going training or education. If a job using a lot of technical wording, look them up and see if the job is relevant to you, and whether you have the know-how to apply for it. Don't waste your time and effort (or the company’s!) applying for jobs that you may not be appropriate for at this time.

Job titles.

Job titles can be misleading, generic or blow you away with intrigue. "Administration" can vary between companies, and encompass different tasks and responsibilities. Some job titles can make the job seem much better than it actually is so consider it carefully, and ask as many questions if you are asked for interview as you need.

Is it out of your league?

Check out the salary – this will be a good indicator of the level of the job – one step above your current salary is achievable, anything more than that and you will need to prove you’re the right person for the job. There’ll be other clues in the advert too – who you report to, how much is involved and level of responsibility – the higher these are, the more advanced the role.

Read the language used

Employers will word adverts in specific ways. Adverts described as “fast-paced” will generally mean you’ll need to be able to cope with a busy schedule, and often under pressure. They will sometimes describe their ideal candidate too with adjectives such as “methodical”, “professional” or “approachable”. Make a note of these as it’s always good to refer (and justify why you demonstrate these skills!) to these in any application you submit.

Research the employer

Make sure you know which industry the employer represents. An administration post in the car industry could be radically different to one in an estate agency! Ensure that you have an interest in the industry itself as this will make you more motivated for the job in general.

Take our Advice

If you're ever unsure, you can call in and have a chat with a member of the careers advice team, who'd be happy to help if you're having trouble.