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Eight weird jobs in the hospitality industry - Careers

The hospitality industry is so broad, from becoming a chef, hunting out truffles with dogs to peeling eggs professionally.

Find out more about eight jobs in the industry that we didn’t know existed…

1. Marmite taster

Do you love it or hate it? One employee at Marmite is employed specifically to try their product for consistency. He’s eaten around 3,000 jars of it in 30 years…

2. Food stylist

Ever wondered who creates those beautiful dishes photographed for magazines, advertising and websites? That’ll be the job of the food stylist to find fresh appetising ingredients, and style them in an appealing way.

3. Chewing gum chewer

It’s like being part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! You’d need to be a harsh critic, and determine whether the new flavours would be flying off the shelves once advertised to the public.

4. Forager

Locally sourced food is a huge trend in the hospitality industry. From mushrooms to meat or spices, a forager will look for those exclusive ingredients in the local community or further afield.

5. Culinary trendologist

A trendologist identifies new and upcoming food for restaurants to include on their menu – from new ingredients to different techniques.

6. Recipe developer

These part-chefs part-scientists perfect all of the recipes for everything you may buy in a supermarket, to see on a cookery show to eat in a restaurant. They’ll provide precise ingredients, cooking techniques and temperatures to ensure you have a culinary delight – even if it’s only for a bottle of tomato sauce!

7. Chocolate explorer

Yes this does exist! Their role is to source the best cocoa beans that make up your chocolate bar. They’ll journey around the world to find the best ingredients in plantations and examine the quality of the product.

8. Tea scout

A tea scout needs to know all of the ins and outs of international trade laws, be able to detect the optimum flavour of tea and be able to communicate with the different tea farmers. There’s more to it than just pouring water on a tea bag!

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