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Did you know these famous people were former apprentices? - Apprenticeships

So you’ve heard about apprenticeships – but are you aware of these famous former apprentices?

Gordon Ramsay. TV star Gordon started his successful career as a catering apprentice, and is now one of the most famous names in the catering world owning multiple restaurants and TV shows.

David Beckham. David was an apprentice in the football Youth Training Scheme before he went on to global sporting (and fashion and advertising!) fame.

John Frieda. John began his incredibly successful career as a hairdressing apprentice! He not only owns glamourous salons, but also his own booming product line.

Sir Alex Ferguson. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson actually started his career as a shipyard apprentice!

Elvis. After secondary school, Elvis decided to become an apprentice electrician before pursuing his talent as a musician.

Sir Ian McKellan. Award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen, of X-Men and Lord of the Rings fame, started his successful career after completing a theatre apprenticeship.

Sir Michael Caine. Sir Michael, who has stared in a wide range of films from Austin Powers to Cars 2 and The Italian Job, actually started life as a plumbing apprentice!

An apprenticeship can open a whole range of opportunities to you, with many finding employment within the company or industry that they have apprenticed in. Apprenticeships are offered from level 2, right up to degree level.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship, talk to our impartial careers team or apprenticeship advisers to find out more, and to see what local vacancies are currently on offer.

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