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Creating the perfect study space - Exams

There are some questions that you'll need to ask when setting up your space for studying - we all work better in different environments, so figuring out what suits you best is crucial if you're spending lots of time there.

Can you fit in everything you need?

If your space is cluttered, it can make your brain feel cluttered too. If you’re doing lots of sketching or designing, make sure you have the areas you need. Similarly, is there space for your laptop, books, and notepads to all be laid out?

How’s the temperature?

Too hot and you’ll get drowsy, too cold and you’ll get tired quickly if your body is using all its energy to keep you warm.

Where are the distractions?

You’re more likely to watch your television if the remote is on your desk. Keep your biggest distractions away from you and switch off everything that you’re not using.

How near is the fridge?

We all know boredom often leads to eating, so keeping away from the kitchen might be a good thing too.


Is there too much to occupy your eyes?

Sometimes if you’re studying outside or in a coffee shop, there can be too much going on around you to focus.  This is where people are different, some need hustle and bustle and some need total silence- do what’s best for you.

Is it relaxing?

Try and revise somewhere that keeps you calm, or where you feel safe. This means you’re less likely to stress or feel anxious when you come across something you may not understand or remember.

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