It may be something of a “new industry” in comparison to others, but it’s a rapidly developing and growing one. And more importantly, it’s here to stay. The industry employs about 1.5 million people in the UK. By 2020, that is expected to rise by 5.4%.*

Digital marketing is a broad term for a whole range of activities, services and careers. Essentially, it’s the marketing of a product using digital technologies. It’s different from traditional marketing - but can be used in conjunction with - such as posters, brochures, external advertising (like what you may see on buses) etc.

Digital marketing covers a huge range of advertising channels and from advertising via the Internet, to text messages, apps, podcast, electronic advertising to digital television.

Think how often you scroll through your phone to check out social media, do your online shopping on your iPad or use the eBay shopping app – that’s all part of digital advertising!

It gives the customer a direct and quick link to companies – and you get to trial and experiment what appeals to customers, and what doesn’t in real time. Are you creative and interested in technology? This is definitely an industry to consider.

You get to trial and test new and upcoming technology and innovations – and you’ll learn something new daily. No one can ever know absolutely everything in digital marketing as it’s continually changing – and that’s one of the exciting things about it!

There are so many diverse parts of the industry from pay-per-click advertising ads on Google, social media, analytics, sales, SEO and content marketing. Progression can be rapid, particularly if you take advantage of the wealth of training and networking available. It’s known to be a social and upbeat environment, but still challenging and progressive.

There are an immense range of jobs to consider from SEO specialist, social media executive to digital manager and communications officer.

So if you love a creative challenge, enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and are interested in improving key stats, then why not consider a career in digital marketing?