Apprenticeships are not just for school leavers. We see many adult apprentices around College who have decided to retrain or upskill, with the apprenticeship route being the most appropriate for them. Could this be an option for you to develop your skills?

There are three different levels you can choose to study at: 

  • Intermediate (equivalent to GCSE level) 
  • Advanced (equivalent to A level) 
  • Degree/higher (equivalent to Level 4/HNCs and above) 

Some adults choose to remain with their existing employer, with others choosing to leave to take an apprenticeship opportunity at a different company. Do your research, and consider the best option for yourself and your home life.  

What will you gain? 

You’ll have the opportunity to upskill or retrain, and gain industry-recognised technical qualifications in your field. You may also improve your English and maths with GCSE retakes, and improve other skills too, like ICT. 

You’ll improve your confidence in your skills, and be mentored by an industry professional as well as taught by a tutor who has also worked in the industry. Your qualification is shaped by relevant employers, so you’ll be learning the skills that they’re looking for. 

You’ll be able to put the skills you learn at College, straight into practice in your workplace – maybe even in the same week! 

How long will an apprenticeship take? 

Depending on which level and type of apprenticeship you choose, it can take from one to five years to complete. 

What industries offer apprenticeships for adults? 

You can choose from a wide range of industries from construction and engineering to HR, the construction trades or science. 

Find out more about apprenticeships at the College, or university level courses for adults