Nerves are something that everyone will have experienced. When you’re about to jump into something different, nerves tend to sit in the bottom of your stomach...but fortunately, there are lots of ways to tackle them, and you can easily make sure they don’t affect your first day. We'll see you soon!

Remind yourself what you’re really doing

It's highly likely what you’re about to do isn’t going to allow you to come to any harm. Starting a new job, course, or meeting new people aren’t dangerous things and we don’t always need to fear the unknown, as the chances are you’re not actually in any danger!

Plan ahead

There are loads of things you can do to make things a bit smoother for you. Even if that’s simply packing your lunch or setting two alarms if you’re worried you won’t wake up, cover the small things then the big won’t seem as daunting.

Remember you’re in the same boat

If you’re going into a new workplace or a course where there are other ‘newbies’, don’t worry about what they think of you. They’re probably too busy worrying about how you’ll perceive them to think about you and what they might not like!

Ask questions

Nobody gets anywhere in life without asking questions, and in a college or university environment, they’re expecting you to not know anything – that’s why you’re there, to learn.

Meet and greet

Make the effort to be involved with those around you, you’ll feel less alone, we promise. Everyone else is probably as nervous as you, so if you all channel those nerves into excitement, it’s better for all of you.

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