Apprenticeship applications are booming, and there are a huge range of reasons why businesses should respond to the increase and think about taking on an apprentice. Contact us if we can help with your training needs.

Interest has grown year-on-year as more and more young people want to begin building their career as opposed to attending university and facing thousands of pound's worth of debt.

There are a few simple reasons small businesses are utilising apprenticeship schemes:

A committed workforce

If you take an apprentice who’s a young school or college leaver, they’ll have the enthusiasm and energy that people who have been working for a number of years sometimes lack. Apprentices will be keen to impress and climb the career ladder, whilst there’s the added benefit of motivating other employees

Bridging the skills gap

The fact is, for many people starting a new job it’s unlikely they’ll have the skills required. Even if they have a qualification, such as A Levels or a university degree, they’ll still be missing that all-important on-the-job experience. With apprenticeships, employers can recruit people keen and ready to be trained for a specific role

Fresh perspective

Granted, not all apprentices are young. However, despite new school or college leavers lacking work experience, they’ve all grown up in the technological age. In fact, they’ll likely have more experience using technology and social media than adults. This means they can offer a different insight, perspective and knowledge into using these tools in the work environment, that your other, more experienced staff may not have considered before

Improving the bottom line

Whilst apprentices can be viewed as a business cost, they can also prove to be quite the investment. They pay for themselves within a few years and can boost productivity from the bottom line, improving the overall effectiveness of your business.

So do you think it is worth having adding an apprentice to your workforce? We're all for them. For more information about Kent's apprenticeship provision, see our apprenticeships page here.