Blake is an apprentice on the Engineering Operative L2 course, Fabrication and Welding and works for A & G Pipework & Welding, Rochester who are based in Kings College Hospital, London.

His employer, Gerry Dell, said: ‘Blake is making very good progress at work carrying out various tasks working alongside senior tradesmen, such as welding flanges up to 10“diameter, marking out flanges and carrying out thermal cutting on 10 mm plate. Blake has also been welding thin bore stainless steel on site. His attitude to work is very good - he is always punctual and keen to learn. Blake is inquisitive and asks lots of questions. We are very glad we have Blake as part of our onsite team.’

Mark Slight, MidKent College apprentice trainer, said this was a well-deserved award: ‘Blake has made good steady progress throughout the course. He achieved his Level 2 Functional Skills in English and completed all assignments on time, as well as his job write-ups. I have seen Blake grow as an individual from a very quiet 16-year-old to a confident and outgoing 18-year-old, but still very polite and courteous. He has bonded with the rest of the group and gets along with his peers, even though he is the youngest.’

Blake said: ‘My work is going well. I’m learning more day by day and am enjoying all parts of it, I travel to all different sites in and around London which I find good as it expands my knowledge about how different sites run and work effectively. In College I’m learning a lot as I’m making stuff I wouldn’t normally do at work so it broadens my knowledge on all different sides of welding and fabricating like plate work, bracket making and pipe work.’

Congratulations Blake.