Distracted easily when deadlines are coming up? Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of, especially with our mobile phones! But don’t beat yourself up when you do it, and try and tackle it before it comes. Find out more below from why you might be procrastinating to putting your phone away or studying with others!

Think about why you’re procrastinating

Start with the reason. If you’re scared about a certain exam, tackle that revision block first.

Do a little bit of what you fancy

If you’re too strict with yourself, you will go around in circles. Balancing study time with ‘you’ time, or going out and about, is the best way to go about things.

Don’t plan so much you end up procrastinating

‘Planning’ can actually be the best way to procrastinate. You spend hours working out what you’re going to do, but not actually doing it.

Don’t put off your start point

Saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ is something we’re all guilty of. But getting started can sometimes be the biggest hurdle, and once that’s done, you’re well on your way to achieving your goals.

Rise and shine

By getting straight up and getting a good breakfast in you means you will get more done in the morning hours you’ve set aside for revision – we promise. It also means that if you start to flag in the afternoon and evening, its not a bad because you’ve done so much already.

Change your scenery

We all get bored, especially when we’re doing something that we might not want to be doing. Change it up and try and study somewhere different, and allow yourself to get out and about.

Put your phone away

We’ve mentioned this before – it could be your downfall. Give yourself some breaks from being digital, and don’t let yourself be distracted by what’s happening on your mobile screen.

Study with others

You can keep each other focused and on task, and bounce ideas off of one another. You can also use them to help you out with topics that you might not understand.

Lifehack have 29 great tips for beating procrastination – check them out here.