You might think so. Certainly when I was growing up, as the son of a former engineering apprentice, I had a very fixed definition of what an apprenticeship was and the kinds of jobs it could lead to.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Yes, there are construction and engineering apprenticeships and they're a brilliant way to get hands-on experience and build practical skills while you're learning and earning, but there are many types of apprenticeships available today that can equip you with nationally-recognised qualifications and skills for a broad range of job roles.

In fact, there are loads of really cool apprenticeships available in subject areas where you might not have realised they exist. Here are just a few that might surprise you:

Information Technology (IT)

Technology underpins everything we do, so you'll find that IT apprenticeships are found across a range of sectors. While there are general IT apprenticeships, training can also be quite specialised and look into areas like artificial intelligence (AI), networking, software development and cyber security.


Business apprenticeships focus on helping an organisation to run efficiently and effectively. Again, some  apprenticeships can be general, but others can zero in and focus on specific skills related to administration, business development and sales, consultancy, leadership and management. There are also specific apprenticeships for accountancy and business finance.

Human Resources

At a certain point in the growth of any business comes the need to employ staff, and that means engaging with a wide variety of people and challenging situations that arise as a result. HR apprenticeships help to develop a solid understanding of workplace policies, legal obligations and organisational culture to help make the working environment better for everyone.

We could go on. If you want to find out about the specific opportunities available to you in Maidstone and Medway, you could always search for 'Apprenticeships near me' and see what comes up - I can guarantee you'll find some surprises in the results, and that you'll soon discover that there's more to apprenticeships than construction and engineering!

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