Don’t dwell on your mistakes. 

You can’t change those mistakes, but you can learn from them. If you find a manoeuvre or section of road difficult, make yourself do them! You just know it’s bound to come up in your test, or you’ll need it when you’ve passed your test. 

Which shoes? 

Fashion may not be high on your list when you’re learning to drive but some shoes can make it harder, or more dangerous. Something like flip flops or high heels aren’t safe – and you can’t feel what the car is doing. 

Examiner? What examiner? 

An examiner in the car can make you nervous but just try to imagine they’re a normal passenger, or your regular instructor. Definitely don’t try and see what they’re writing down – this will only make you more nervy! 

How long should it take? 

As long as you need. Just because your friend took 15 hours to pass his test doesn’t mean you have to! 

Should I do an intensive driving course instead? 

Intensive driving courses can save time, and sometimes money, but you could still lack the confidence after those few short hours. Do some research and choose the best option for you. 

Do I need to learn to drive? 

Not necessarily! It’s your choice. It’ll help you get from A to B in your social life, but public transport is pretty good across Kent. However, depending on your career choice being able to drive is needed, if not essential. 

Should I let my mum or dad teach me? 

Entirely your choice. It’s someone you know and in an environment you may feel more comfortable. However, they’re not a qualified instructor, or have experience in teaching others to drive. It could be beneficial topping up your time driving with a parent, alongside lessons with a driving instructor. 

Is it expensive? 

Learning to drive can be expensive. Make sure you shop around for deals. Most instructors will offer the first lesson free, or a reduced rate on your first ten lessons. 

Which car should I buy? 

That’s up to you! Ask friends and family, set a budget and do your research. Just bear in mind because of your age and driving experience, car insurance may be more expensive on the flashier models! 

What’s Pass Plus all about? 

You’ll learn some more advanced skills which you may not have done in your regular lessons – having this can sometimes also reduce your insurance. You may learn to drive after day, in bad weather conditions and also on the motorway.