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Are you going to take advantage of the UCAS deadline extension?

Anyone who has not yet completed their UCAS application, or who has made a late decision to apply to university this year, will be pleased to hear that the UCAS deadline for applications to start in September 2021 has been extended.

You now have an extra two weeks to get everything finished and submitted in order for your application to be given equal consideration. The new deadline is 6.00 pm on Friday 29 January. Please note though, that this extension does not apply to the following programmes: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, or Oxford/Cambridge applications which had to be submitted by 15 October last year for entry in September 2021.

Following school closures and COVID restrictions, the extension will be particularly welcomed by those who have struggled to get all sections of their forms completed – whether this is due to needing teachers to complete references or because they have limited access to the internet or digital devices at home.

If you are now considering making an application, don’t leave it until the last minute!  Use the extra time wisely to ensure you have included all the information required to support your application. Maybe your personal statement felt rushed – you now have time to go back over it and add those finishing touches!

If you need more support with your application, or advice about your options, our Careers Team are here to help. Please contact them to make a one to one appointment to discuss things further or ask any questions.

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