At a crossroads in your education where you have to make a decision, and you’re just not sure? Don't worry, we're here to help! Now’s the time to do your research and consider your options… 


You’ll gain key industry experience, and those all-important employability skills like communication, teamwork and time management. Your employer will also give you a salary, and other company benefits, including during your time at College. 

You’ll have a recognised qualification, as well as improve your skills in English, maths, and ICT. Take the opportunity to network for contacts too – you never know who could be important to your future career! 


Choose from thousands of courses across the UK – and abroad! – and do your research as to entry criteria, living costs, and career opportunities. Consider the cost of living and studying and research into grants and potential scholarships to help pay towards your fees. Why not consider a part-time job too? 

You’ll gain a university degree, which is compulsory for some industry sectors. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you – from getting involved in the social events to a year in industry.  

For some the opportunity to live away from home is the biggest draw – and you’ll learn how to be independent very quickly! 

Or why not combine both? You can study for a degree apprenticeship! 

Degree apprenticeships are still fairly new to the studying scene, but more and more people are considering them. 

You combine a typical apprenticeship style on the job training in the workplace (typically four days per week), with one day studying for your degree at university. 

Your company will gain someone highly trained, and you will gain industry experience, valuable network contacts AND a degree. You’ll still gain a salary, and there are many vocational areas to choose to study in. 

Ultimately the decision is yours based on your career goals and previous qualifications. Find out more about the university-level courses at College, as well as our apprenticeships.