Well done to Toby Hagon, apprentice electrical engineer, from Review Display Systems Ltd (RDS)! Find out why his training officer nominated him. Now's the time to apply online if an apprenticeship is for you - we'll see you in September!

Here's why he was nominated by his training officer Roger Selling:

Toby Hagon joined Review Display Systems Ltd (RDS), Westerham in September 2017 employed as an apprentice electrical engineer on a level 3 programme. He attended the Medway Campus achieving a Distinction Merit grade in his BTEC Diploma. During this time he also gained a Level 2 ICT Functional Skills qualification.

As part of his apprenticeship, Toby was involved in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and the assembly and testing of digital display systems, one of the key products supplied by RDS Ltd.

During the recent Covid 19 pandemic, Toby has stepped up to the mark working longer hours than normal. RDS switched part of its production over to building 15,000 display assemblies, being part of Penlon and Maclarens’ efforts to answer the call for the much needed NHS ventilators.

At the start, he was involved in the quality control, checking the modification of 1200 backlight cables. During these critical times, Toby used his skills and love of electronics, to develop a method using a barcode scanner, an old company laptop that he rebuilt and repurposed, to improve the serial number recording process. This cut the production times by up to a third and decreasing paperwork for the workforce and RDS Ltd.

In addition to all this extra work, Toby has recently submitted the final pieces of evidence for his NVQ portfolio, meaning that he will complete this more than six months early. Well done Toby! A shining example of someone who has thoroughly enjoyed his apprenticeship and his work at RDS Ltd. Congratulations!

Here's why his employer felt he was a worthy winner this month:

Since joining Review Display Systems Ltd, Toby has always been a keen and interested apprentice, eager to learn as much as possible.

During the recent difficult months, RDS Ltd, together with other companies, took part in the Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium to produce ventilators for the Government. The scanning system Toby developed reduced the overall build time and allowed other members of staff to concentrate on other aspects of the assembly.

We asked Toby how he felt to be nominated:

How do you feel about being recognised for Apprentice of the month?
I am delightfully surprised; I’m not someone who usually gets recognised for things I do - I’m usually clapping for the ones who do. I’m just always happy with putting in the effort, or even extra effort, if it means the job is done properly and that the customer is getting a product they were promised.

What is it like working for RDS?
It is my dream job. Ever since my first laptop, I have been fascinated with computers; what makes them tick, how to make them do things other people can’t and how to fix them to help others. It is also a pleasure to help during these difficult times building ventilator parts with Review Display Systems in conjunction with McLaren, Penlon, and the NHS.

What is the best part about working for RDS?
In past jobs, the people who I worked with only cared about their paycheck and ‘surviving the day’. So when I joined RDS and discovered that people wanted to help others rather than help themselves all the time, it didn’t feel like a job. So the best part of working at RDS for me is the camaraderie. Even though I love what I do, it makes it so much easier when everyone gets on well together, works hard and supports one another. Even though I haven’t had many jobs, this is by far the best job I have had so far.

toby hagon

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