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A little help on working from home

If you are reading this you are probably situated somewhere in your house.

In your studys (lucky you!) kitchen tops, dining room tables or some creative desk you have managed to make – well done. Regardless, most of us are working in an environment we aren’t used to. There will also be some of you who love the fact that every day is PJ day and for others, this could be a difficult time to get used to.

So, of course, we have put together a few things that might help you at home.

Now let’s not expect your routine to mirror the one you have at work. That’s just very unlikely so don’t try and put unnecessary pressure to abide by the same working habits. This is a new way of working, so your routine will also be new. This routine day-to-day isn’t just about making sure your work doesn’t drop but also that your mental health doesn’t either. Plus, a lot of you won’t be working solo – you will juggling between employer, parent, and teacher! So be realistic – you will have a lot of things to think about. Break your day up into ways that will benefit the entire house.

How lucky are we that we live in a time where technology is pretty awesome – especially when you are stuck in your house! So there are loads of ways to keep connected with your work colleagues, family and friends. Get that WhatsApp group going, video call your loved ones and just stay in contact.

Let these be the moments when we don’t dwell on situations that are out of our hands but talk about everything else. Be silly, share stories and make each other laugh.

We often connect over going for a meal or a drink – popping over for tea. Why should this stop? It’s time to get creative! There is no reason why you can’t arrange to see your friend at 5pm for that drink – but virtually! Let video calls be the way that enables you to socialise again.

Ok, so there are only so many times you can walk into each area of your house. But who does that anyway? This is your opportunity to fit in something good for you physically and mentally. There are endless videos online to delve into – yoga, boxing, HITT training – anything (and there are pretty inventive ways to create your gym equipment too). I mean you can’t use the excuse that you haven’t got time anymore… And where possible get out in the fresh air to boost your mood.

They say ‘don’t take your work home with you’. But this phrase really doesn’t work at the moment… but it’s true. Whatever schedule you are adhering to there has to come a point where your working day is done. Make sure you turn off all devices so you can switch off and get a little bit of normality back when you’re just at home.

Let’s make this unknown time into something fun. We are in this together. Keep safe and remember this isn’t forever… just for right now!

P.S I hope you continue to have a sufficient supply of toilet roll.

If you are finding it hard to cope at the moment then please visit Mind or Samaritans.

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