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Parents & Carers

We know that a strong partnership with parents and carers makes a difference in the education of our students as we strive for the best possible outcomes for all.  

Your support is important to ensure that your young person:  

  • Attends College and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning 
  • Completes all homework and assignments 
  • Knows that you expect them to success and progress to either employment, an apprenticeship, or university 
  • Completes their industry placement hours aligned to their subject 
  • Appreciates the importance of English and maths throughout their time at College and beyond.

We expect all students to become part of the College community and adhere to its standards of respect, support for one another, tolerance and an understanding of the views and beliefs of others. These are not just expectations of the College – they reflect the expectations of society in general.  

We have set out these basic expectations in the student code of conduct. These are reasonable standards of behaviour for all members of our community to follow. We hope that you will support the College in these expectations. We will keep you informed when the standards are not being met. 

We will also celebrate and recognise outstanding achievements and character shown by students.  

Your support and interest is vital to getting the best outcome from their time at College.  

By clicking on the links to the left, you will be able to find out more information about what you can expect from us, and in return what we expect from parents/carers and students.