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Parents & Carers

College is a very different place to school; it's an adult environment and therefore has few regulations. However, the ones we have are important and are intended to ensure everyone behaves reasonably and respects other students. We want all our students to succeed and enjoy the time they spend studying with us. As parents or carers of students attending MidKent College, your support in helping those you are responsible for to observe our regulations is greatly valued.

By clicking on the links to the left, you will be able to find out more information about what you can expect from us, and in return what we expect from parents/carers and students.

The College Policies section includes our College Charter and Student Code of Conduct. 

This area of the website will continue to grow and evolve over the coming months. We hope you will find it useful but please let us know if you think there are any areas we need to improve.

Ofsted questionnaire

Ofsted – the body that inspects education providers like MidKent College – has developed an online questionnaire for parents and carers.

The survey asks for your views about us to help Ofsted understand how well we support our students to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The findings of the questionnaire will help prioritise which schools and colleges to inspect. Inspectors will also use results during the inspection to identify issues to be looked at in more detail.

Click here to access the survey or call Ofsted’s national business unit on 0300 123 1231 for more information.