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Employability Development Programme

What is the employability development programme?

MidKent College offers the ability to study for a university level or professional course with an excellent proximity and relevance to the local labour market. The College promotes the employability of students, providing them with a better opportunity to enter the career of their choice. To further this we have devised a unique employability development programme in which we encourage our students to participate. It works to create a portfolio of skills and tools for those wishing to advance their personal careers, access employment opportunities or enter the wider job market.

What does it involve?

Students are invited to write a CV and cover letter and then to participate in a mock interview selection process. They will then be awarded an initial employability development score which will then be reviewed and recalibrated towards the end of their course. During their course students are encouraged to practice their employability skills such as presentations, writing reports and letters, and practice interview skills.

Also students can build up points by participating in extra curriculum activities which have been identified by employers as the most desirable, they include (in approximate order of priority):

  • Related work experience
  • Volunteering and charity work
  • Engagement with organised social activities
  • Learning languages
  • Sports and/or musical activities

Contact our employability adviser to find out more.