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Parents & Carers

My young person is unable to attend College. What do I do?

Please contact the department using the contact details in the Parents & Carers help and advice section. It is important any absence is reported as soon as possible. Please remember the College wants all students to attend all of the time.

I want to contact the College, how should I do that?

If you have a query please contact the College reception on 01634 383000. We are trying to obtain the email address of every parent/carer that has one as set out in the Parent and Carer agreement in order to occasionally send home information about parents evenings.

The College seems to promote that students should be independent learners. What does that mean?

An independent learner is a student who: Understands they are responsible for their own learning, is 'self-starting', well-prepared for class and brings the equipment needed. They will also have an active involvement in the subject both in and beyond the classroom.

What does my son or daughter have to do to qualify to return for a second year, after the summer?

To return to the second year a student must successfully complete their first year. If they have completed a programme but wish to start another then they would need to have passed the programme at the next lower level and any entry tests or other requirements for the next level to progress. We will write to the parents of all students who are expressing concerns that they might not achieve the qualifications. If students fail then they will not be invited onto the next level of a programme and may not be re-enrolled by the College on the same qualification for the following year. For our part we also put on revision sessions and help and encourage all students who appear to be in danger of not returning. We will also help in August and September with progression guidance for any student who has unfortunately not passed their previous qualification.

How are students graded or assessed?

This depends on the type of qualification they are taking. Academic programmes are generally a mix of marked coursework and examination whereas vocational subjects involve the assessment of work standards to meet nationally agreed competency levels. All students will be given grades for all their programmes in October and February, and these grades will be available to you at parents' evenings. There is a system of grading students which sets the attainment grade and the target grade. These two targets will be set for all full-time students and be reviewed by the College with each student three times a year during their tutorials.

How can I access detailed online information about my young person?

If your your young person is aged 16-19 then you may have access to their information whilst at the College by accessing their ILP. If you wish to discuss something in detail please contact the College and we will do our best to help you. Please note when providing information we must comply with data protection legislation.

Why does my young person have to take maths and English?

It is now a government requirement that all 16-19 year olds study maths and English until they achieve at least a GCSE grade 4. IF students already possess a GCSE grade 4 they should continue to develop their skills in maths and English as they are vital qualifications in employment.

Is learning support, or study support, only for students with identified needs?

The Additional Learning Support (ALS) team will assess all students when they join us for any learning needs they may have and where appropriate they will provide in-class support and in some cases one-to-one support. All students are able to gain support from the Learning Resource Centres as well as online through Moodle. If a student is under 19 they will be assigned a personal tutor who will meet them throughout their time at College and will review if there are any barriers.

Can I pay for trips online?

Parents and students may pay online with a debit or credit card for tuition fees and faculty fees including trips and equipment. There is also the facility to top-up the catering e-purse online to allow students to use the cashless payment system in College refectories. Your young person can also top up their card through the button on the Student Portal.

What can you expect of us?

We will provide your young person with first-rate teaching to give them the best chance to progress on their chosen qualification. We'll equip them with the skills needed for employment or further study through work ready interviews, our careers team, work experience opportunities and relevant industry visits and speakers. We'll provide them with support while at College, from student finance to student support teams. They'll be given a safe environment to improve their confidence and personal skills.

What do we expect of our students?

We want our students to aim for 100% attendance - they won't be able to progress to the next level of study or year of their qualification without at least 90%. We'll treat them as adults, and in turn expect their behaviour to be appropriate as we have a zero tolerance policy to anti-social behaviour and bullying. We ask for their commitment to their study programme but if they need any support at all, please encourage them to ask at the Information Zones, their lecturer or tutors.