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Complaints, enquiries and concerns

Our approach

Our aim is to provide an outstanding service, and welcome feedback about the services we provide. 

Most people who engage with us do not experience any problems. However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. In those instances, we would like to know about matters so that we can put them right. 

How do I raise a complaint, enquiry or concern?

To raise a complaint, enquiry or concern, please complete our simple form here.

In line with our Complaints Policy and Procedure we will always try and resolve the matter informally with you first, and this will usually involve either the relevant Head of Department or Curriculum Director contacting you to discuss your concerns. 

If you are not satisfied with the solution they offer, then our Quality department will investigate your concern using an impartial investigator with no previous connection to the matter. During the investigation we will always explain what course of action will be taken and what you can expect from us.

If your complaint relates to an immediate student safeguarding issue, please call 01634 383567.

If your complaint relates to an immediate site safety issue, please call 01634 383523.


At MidKent College we pride ourselves on our commitment to you, your education and training.

We aim to meet the standards set out in the College Charter. If you feel our services do not meet your expectations, please give us the opportunity to improve them by letting us know. We also welcome comments of satisfaction so that we may maintain high standards.


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