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Course Description

The Level 1 Art, Design and Media qualification is an exciting opportunity for prospective students looking to gain a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in art and design.

Over the duration of the course you will be introduced to a wide variety of materials, processes and techniques across both 2D and 3D disciplines; challenging your ability to wield them purposefully and creatively in the production of your own artwork. You will also use photography as a means of recording the development of your ideas.

Specifically, you will learn and develop techniques in:

  • Tonal drawing (pencils, chalk, ink, charcoal)
  • Watercolour and acrylic painting
  • Collage and Mixed Media
  • Printmaking (Polystyrene safe-print, Mono Printing, Lino)
  • Photography
  • Plaster Casting, plasticine/ paper-based sculpture

    Research and reflective writing will inform your learning and underpin the work that you produce. This is an invaluable step towards seeking exciting inspiration for your outcomes, whilst deepening your awareness of how the visual arts influence the world around us. Within the projects, the Level 1 Art, Design explores how artists can be inspired by cultures, nature, as well as other creative practitioners (both historical and contemporary).

    Student coursework is assessed upon the completion of each unit, with feedback, support and guidance offered during the project duration. Units 1-6 are learning units with a maximum grade of pass; enabling students to take creative risks with media experimentation and learn in an exploratory manner. The final major project (Unit 7) determines the final grade for the course, and will be awarded either a Fail, Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Other Important Information

The Level 1 Art, Design and Media course will prepare students for ongoing study with the following core skills:

  • Analytical Writing as a means of researching artists and other contexts in order to develop their own exciting ideas for their artwork
  • How to structure an Art and Design Project from start to finish
  • Generating Ideas through various research presentation methods, including Mood Boards and Observational Drawing.
  • How to use a Project Brief to understand Unit requirements, criteria, deadlines, etc.
  • Reflective Writing – Evaluating your own artwork as a means to develop ideas and technical skills.

    The Level One Art Design and Media course is taught according to the UAL Awarding Body specification.

    Art students are expected to follow the same MidKent clothing policy as other courses – an apron is suggested for practical lessons involving wet materials. Students will also be expected to purchase an affordable equipment pack at the start of the course which will provide all of the tools and materials needed to complete out-of-college assignments. The pack is curated by the art department, and sold by a trusted art materials supplier (Seawhites of Brighton, or equivalent). The price will be approximately £40 - £50.

Future Prospects

Students who complete the Level 1 Art, Design and Media course will typically progress to Level 2 to develop their skills and knowledge further.

Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs at grade 2 or above, including English or maths at grade 2 or above.